Studio News: September and October

I'm so excited to be launching my studio in September! In addition to having a home base to show my work, I'm thrilled to have lined up a couple of talented guest artists—Sandy Whetstone and Laurelin Gilmore—for my first two months. Both artists will have their work displayed at my studio (lower west) in Kennedy Gallery  for an entire month. 

In September, I'll be hosting Sandy Whetstone, ceramic artist and printmaker. Her funky, fun ceramics and woodcuts will definitely make you smile. You'll have a hard time leaving without one of her little gems working their way into your heart. 

October will feature the vivid and surreal work of Laurelin Gilmore. Read more about Laurelin in Issue 184 of Submerge, the Sacramento Bee, and several other mentions in the News & Review.

Page 10 of Issue 184 of SubMerge