Hey Artists... Who's in?


Tarot Cards are full of great symbolism and imagery, and you can't ask for more in terms of "open to interpretation." Even the names of the cards are inspiring: Queen of Wands, The Fool, The Magician. 

This isn't quite a "Call for Artists" yet, however, my idea is to gather a number of artists who are interested in creating a piece based on Tarot. The theme of your piece would be inspired by a particular card, or cards, of your choosing. The size is to be determined (might be open, might specified) but larger than card size would likely be encouraged.

The date and location of the show are to be determined, however, I am shooting for early to mid 2017. Once I have a potential list of participants (no obligation at this stage), I'll be able to start compiling specifics. 

If interested, post a comment or shoot me an email. Hope to hear from you soon!

P.S.: This is a work in progress that was loosely based on Queen of Wands, but I'll likely start a new piece(s) if the show takes off.

 Work in progress... Queen of Wands.

Work in progress... Queen of Wands.