Angela Tannehill is best known for her hand-cut collages featuring a surreal—and often playful—blend of animals, nature and human elements. Her collages frequently exhibit a vibrant color palette, achieved by printing her source material using pigment, rather than dye-based, ink. Her work has been featured in publications such as Kolaj, Tube Magazine, and was a cover story for the June 2017 issue of Submerge Magazine

Artist Statement

What does it mean? I hear this a lot. The truth is, I often don’t know until months after a piece is finished. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, the relevance of the symbolism to my life will hit me—the way suddenly a dream you had forever ago will make perfect sense. 

Like many other artists, I don’t feel entirely responsible for the worlds depicted in my art. Like Elizabeth Gilbert says in her book, Big Magic, “The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.” These are what I’ve found so far. I’m grateful I could find some worth sharing, and just as grateful for the many (many) that weren’t. 

So, I’ll leave the meaning up to you. Like any good tarot deck, horoscope, or dream interpretation, what matters is what you see.


Most of my work is created using public domain images released from sources such as libraries and museums which I print using archival papers and ink. I apply them to cradled panel board that is often painted with acrylic paint using fluid matte medium. This is topped with some paint for shading and highlights and then a few coats of a UV protectant polyurethane. 


June, 2017
Submerge Magazine, cover story

November 1, 2016
Tube Magazine (print edition)

September 3, 2016
Tube Magazine (online article)

November 2015
Kolaj #14, Exhibitions-in-Print

March 2013     
Sacramento Magazine: Made in Sacramento

December 2010    
2010 LogoLounge Trends Report


Kent State University, Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1990


2018 Sparrow Gallery  |  A New Spin on Vinyl  |  Sacramento, CA

2018 SMUD Gallery  |  Paper Work  |  Sacramento, CA

2018 Art Attack SF  |  Into the Wild  |  San Francisco, CA

2017 WAL Public Market  |  100 Under $100  |  Sacramento, CA

2017 Kennedy Gallery  |  Fins & Feathers  |  Sacramento, CA

2017 SMUD Gallery  |  In Response  |  Sacramento, CA

2017 M5 Arts  | ArtStreet  |  Sacramento, CA

2017 Menagerie  |  Patterns of Disorder  |  Sacramento, CA

2016 SMUD Gallery  |  Masked  |  Sacramento, CA

2016 DaDas Art Gallery Boutique  |  MicroArt  |  Sacramento, CA

2016 SMUD Gallery  |  Layers  |  Sacramento, CA

2016 Northwest Collage Society  | Winter Show  |  Seattle, WA

2015 Atelier 20   |  The Crow Show  |  Sacramento, CA

2015 Arthouse on R | Collage |  Sacramento, CA

2015 Contemporary Dance Conservatory   |  I Have Loved the Stars
Too Fondly to Be Fearful of the Night
  |  Sacramento, CA

2015 Studio 10  |  WEAVE Benefit Show  |  Sacramento, CA

2015 Art Thou  |  Wunderkammer  |  Berkeley, CA


Fizz Champagne Bar  |  Delight  |  Sacramento, CA

Private Collection of Emily Leff, Co-Founder of the Leff-Davis
Fund for Visual Artists  |  After Us  | Rocklin, CA