Artist Statement

My mixed media works are born of curiosity and wonder. Nature, animals and the ramblings of my subconscious are where I find inspiration. I seek out images or ideas that, when combined, evoke a sense of mystery or delight and follow that path until I feel the power of an emerging story—one open to many interpretations. 

Tannehill’s collages are hand-cut—each is one of a kind. She uses public domain images printed on archival paper using pigment ink—ensuring they will not fade. To this she incorporates dyed and textured specialty papers and acrylic paint.


Angela Tannehill’s mixed media works on paper have been featured in exhibitions in galleries and cultural centers, including Art Attack in San Francisco; The Art Cave in Santa Cruz, CA; Art Thou in Berkeley, CA; and the Northwest Collage Society in Seattle. In Sacramento she has had exhibitions at Sparrow Gallery, the SMUD Gallery of the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission; M5Arts, Menagerie, Atelier 20, Arthouse on R, and the Contemporary Dance Conservatory.  Tannehill’s work has been published in many publications, including a cover story article in Submerge Magazine.

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